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buddha in garden


Surrender is not a weakness, it is strength.  It takes tremendous strength to surrender life to the supreme—to the cosmic unfolding.                     -Mooji- My main goal

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The Microscope

If there is a next flip of the lens to be had, I have a hunch that what I will be seeing will be love.

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Campfire painting


I’m starting to understand that a lot of my possessions serve to prop up the identity that I have built for myself over the years.

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backlit meditating


I think that tapping into our spirituality rounds us out as human beings, giving an extra depth and dimension to our presence as we walk through life.

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decorating with nature

Bringing Nature Indoors

When we set up natural objects in a way that they become a shrine, it’s a reminder to us of the sacredness of the world we live in.

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Opening to Love

I wonder if a lot of our self-sabotage isn’t about burning up this uncomfortable energy. The release that we feel after having burned it up becomes the pleasure factor that can turn it into an addiction.

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crabapples in ice

Let’s get this started!

I have the firm conviction that if we are to make lasting change, our hearts need to be deeply rooted in a very sacred space. A space which connects us all together.

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