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backlit meditating


I think that tapping into our spirituality rounds us out as human beings, giving an extra depth and dimension to our presence as we walk through life.

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So many people that I meet seem to feel powerless around the big issues we are now facing: inequality, climate change, and mental health issues, among others.

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decorating with nature

Bringing Nature Indoors

When we set up natural objects in a way that they become a shrine, it’s a reminder to us of the sacredness of the world we live in.

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birthday cake


Cooking is another activity that connects us to our roots. Our ancestors, mostly women, have been cooking for ages.

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Opening to Love

I wonder if a lot of our self-sabotage isn’t about burning up this uncomfortable energy. The release that we feel after having burned it up becomes the pleasure factor that can turn it into an addiction.

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first nations petroglyphs

Our Roots in Nature

In the space of a few centuries, which is very short on the scale of time, we have changed our way of living drastically. I believe that our bodies and minds are suffering from all the changes in our modern world.

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