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momentum bridge

Momentum Bridge

Can we use the momentum created by the pandemic as a bridge, one that will help us heal the damage done to the natural world?

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Having enough. Doing enough. Being enough. Also, as in the state of being fed up: “That’s enough!”

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climate school strike

Climate Week

I hear some say that it would be hypocritical to go to a march if we are contributing to the climate crisis by driving cars, taking planes and by consuming as we do. They have a point.

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Campfire painting


I’m starting to understand that a lot of my possessions serve to prop up the identity that I have built for myself over the years.

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Don Draper


Do we keep on consuming like there’s no tomorrow until there’s no tomorrow?

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Yvan and Shasta


If our lifestyle is unsustainable, what do we do? Do we need to work less so that we make and spend less money?

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We need to practice clarity—owning up to our part in every situation, every day. Let’s stop blaming each other. It only serves the ego.

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Authority is Sorely Lacking

If it’s our lifestyle that is doing the damage, what is stopping us from changing it?   Are we willing to say “I have enough stuff” to avoid climate catastrophe?

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birthday cake


Cooking is another activity that connects us to our roots. Our ancestors, mostly women, have been cooking for ages.

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