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Reverend Nature

Be inspired. Reconnect. Reflect.

Use your power for change.

The articles in this blog are meant to help us reflect on our relationships to each other, to nature and also on our attitudes around our consumerism.  If, as individuals, we become more aware and caring, this will translate to the world we live in.  It will foster a greater connection to others and more concern for where we are all headed, collectively.

I’d like to put out there that we personally have a responsibility in changing the paradigm, even though most of us are waiting for our leaders to bring it about. (Which they should be doing, of course.  But, alas.)  Wouldn’t it be a shame if future generations missed out on the beauty of this planet, of life?  Hopefully, it will not come to that, but we need to act, now.  We have so much power that we have not been using, I think that our time has come…

Recent Articles

Don Draper


Do we keep on consuming like there’s no tomorrow until there’s no tomorrow?

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Ella's eyes

What Children Need

Deciding for themselves makes them feel important. But when this sense of importance makes them crave attention, misbehave or become overanxious, that can be a sign that they need the security of a strong adult telling them what they need to do.

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stack rocks


How I arrive at joy could be vastly different from how you find yours. Have you considered what you need to strike your balance?

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Shabby dustpan

Shabby Pride

If we can celebrate our worn out shabby stuff in a big way, we will shift the paradigm that professes that new is better. I say nay, old is gold!

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Yvan and Shasta


If our lifestyle is unsustainable, what do we do? Do we need to work less so that we make and spend less money?

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backlit meditating


I think that tapping into our spirituality rounds us out as human beings, giving an extra depth and dimension to our presence as we walk through life.

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Information eye

Information Overload

. If I read and share articles about things that I find compelling, the media will send more of those articles my way. It’s satisfying but it limits my worldview, creating mental blinders.

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