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Yvan and Shasta


If our lifestyle is unsustainable, what do we do? Do we need to work less so that we make and spend less money?

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backlit meditating


I think that tapping into our spirituality rounds us out as human beings, giving an extra depth and dimension to our presence as we walk through life.

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Information eye

Information Overload

. If I read and share articles about things that I find compelling, the media will send more of those articles my way. It’s satisfying but it limits my worldview, creating mental blinders.

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So many people that I meet seem to feel powerless around the big issues we are now facing: inequality, climate change, and mental health issues, among others.

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We need to practice clarity—owning up to our part in every situation, every day. Let’s stop blaming each other. It only serves the ego.

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Authority is Sorely Lacking

If it’s our lifestyle that is doing the damage, what is stopping us from changing it?   Are we willing to say “I have enough stuff” to avoid climate catastrophe?

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