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Reverend Nature

I’ve always had a reverence for nature.  I believe that life on Earth is sacred.  All life.  And even if you have no such belief, wouldn’t you agree that we are so incredibly lucky to be alive?  On Earth, where life took billions of years to arrive at the stage we are at right now.   And isn’t it something that we are human beings?  The dominant species, with all the opportunities, freedoms and choices that this implies?  And responsibilities, of course.  And that’s where we struggle.

I certainly struggle, anyhow.  I consider myself pretty green, but at the same time, my western lifestyle is so at odds with what the planet needs right now.  I dream of the day where we can come together, and I can be part of a massive movement where we all pare down our lifestyles.  To value nature to the point where we can abandon this rampant and superficial consumerism of ours, which is affecting the climate, the Earth and its ecosystems.

I am not the model citizen I aspire to be, this lifestyle we lead still has many attractions for me.  Being a teacher, I am aware, however, that trying to teach others what I know is the best way to learn something for myself.  So I humbly offer you my reflections on how we can get to a better place, together.

Many of the articles in this blog are meant to help us reflect on our relationship to nature and our attitudes around our consumerism.  I’d like to put out there that we, as individuals, have a responsibility in changing the paradigm, even though most of us are waiting for our leaders to bring it about. (Which they should be doing, obviously.  But, alas.)  Wouldn’t it be a shame if future generations missed out on the beauty of this planet, of life?  Hopefully, it will not come to that, but we need to act, now.  We have so much power that we have not been using, I think that our time has come.

We will need to come together to bring about these massive changes.  We need to focus on what we can be doing collectively but I don’t think this can happen until we as individuals are in the right frame of mind.  We let ourselves be distracted by commercial  interests when we should be focusing inward. 

Quite a few articles in this blog are meant to help us contemplate our lives and relationships.  Reflection helps us to question our motivations, the way we treat others, the way we treat ourselves.  From the strong standpoint of our own humanity, we can connect to others in a more caring way.  Care that is greatly needed right now.  For us, for all species, for life.