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buddha in garden

Surrender is not a weakness, it is strength.  It takes tremendous strength to surrender life to the supreme—to the cosmic unfolding.                     -Mooji-

My main goal in starting this blog was to motivate people to change their lifestyles.  I figured that we should come together and change the way we do things to help future generations live better lives on this planet.  I wanted us to change so we needn’t wait for governments to set limits around our destructive economies.  Which in turn would give the ecosystems that we are dependent on a fighting chance. 

Most of the stuff I do for the planet I do gladly, without effort.  But in wanting to be part of the solution, I sometimes go without because I feel that I should.  That it’s the right thing to do.  Then I get resentful that society in general is not following suit.  Not proud of it, but still, that’s how I feel.

sun rising

Last year, just before the pandemic, I had an opportunity to join a family reunion in Florida.   I really wanted to visit these relatives that I hadn’t gotten to know very well.  My mom was the only one of 12 siblings to raise her children in Canada, all the others lived in the States. 

Lately, social media helped me connect to her side of the family and I was keen on meeting everyone in person.  After considering different travel options, I ended up not going because I judged that taking the plane to go somewhere for such a short amount of time was too wasteful.  I so regret that choice!  What was wasted was a wonderful opportunity to be with family!  A cousin and an aunt who were at the reunion have passed away since then and the chance to meet them is forever lost. 

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And now, with the pandemic, a lot less people are taking planes.  That has had an impact.  I can’t help but think that my little gesture, my sacrifice, was fruitless. I have a habit of shouldering responsibility for others, planet included.  But perhaps spiritual teachers like Mooji are right.  Am I supposed to understand that I need to surrender to the cosmic unfolding? 

The events of the pandemic have spurred situations that are helping nature.  People are working from home and not having to use their cars every day.   Many less jets are burning fuel.  We seem to be transitioning towards a more local and sustainable economy, for different reasons.  Shortages of food and supplies have made us realize that we need more autonomy.  The number of folks gardening has exploded!  When we garden, we avoid a lot of packaging and transportation.  And we are cooking more, which saves packaging as well.  These are all wonderful silver linings around the Covid19 cloud.

I wouldn’t want to abandon all the good habits I’ve cultivated over the years.  I think that all of our positive actions impact others, and probably more than we know.  But I feel the need to loosen up on the strict rules I sometimes impose on myself for the sake of the planet.  Sounds contradictory to my usual message, I know.  But it’s about my need to strike a balance… (Read more on balance here)

6 thoughts on “Unfolding”

  1. I really understand and feel this. I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to go. Time is one thing Covid is making clear we will never get back.

    I’ve made some intense changes since being with my husband. Because I feel better aligned with myself. And now, I can be real and do the things I want and not feel like I needed to do those other things.
    I don’t know if this makes sense, but I realized late that I was contributing to a mass amount of the landfill and consumerism problems. I’m trying to make up for it now.

    But Covid has given me that sense of feels… Trying to find a balance is difficult.
    How much do we have to go without before we can be together?
    For me its the physical. Being with each other.
    I also despise the mindset of conspiracy theorists and people who think the rules don’t apply to them.
    I also worry about how quick our focus went from helping the planet to helping ourselves. There is so much more waste with all the extra packaging, hand sanitizing/washing and all the medical supplies.

    “But I feel the need to loosen up on the strict rules I sometimes impose on myself for the sake of the planet.”
    I’m feeling this because I feel angry when I see misuse and lack of respect of the current rules and yet, I find myself breaking them sometimes because my kids need to see their nana and vice versa. I feel like I should be more diligent sometimes.

    My husband’s grandmother recently fell, broke her hip. Contracted Covid before getting to the hospital. What came next happened fast.
    Delaying decisions on what to do next as Covid was taking her quickly. And she was letting herself go, finally.

    Did Covid kill her? Yes. The virus and especially all its restrictions.
    For months, she has been kept alone in her little apartment. She is almost completely blind and is going deaf.
    No visits, no one coming to take her for lunch or even just stop in for tea. She’s been brutally alone for months. It killed her in more ways than one.
    For her, and for my father-in-law that fell very ill and my mom who luckily didn’t and for all the people I know and don’t know that continue to suffer because of this virus. I just want people to comply until its over.

    I also know in my heart, its far from over. And our new “normal” will take some adjusting. Balance is a hard commodity to come by 🙂
    Lots of love

  2. Excellent texte encore une fois! (J’ai presque tout compris) ? Tu regrettes un peu d’avoir choisi de ne pas prendre l’avion parce que tu a manqué de belles rencontres. Peut-être que tu en a fait en restant ici… Ce n’est pas peut-être c’est certain✌️ Tu peux être fière, tu es restée intègre à tes valeurs.

  3. Well written, thoughtful… I come from a perspective close to yours but imposed by the almighty guilt. It’s certainly not as selfless as your approach. Saving money by doing it all yourself: cooking from scratch with no packaging, gardening for your food, gathering bottles for recycling as that was the only money for your allowance… it was whipped into me as a child through religion, being a child of a high ranking military officer and a woman raised by nuns. Programming, discipline, training, and lots of hard work. I think it was too much, but I also think more people need it. You mention balance. YES! Less guilt, more self discipline, and you got a good combo for everyone to save the planet!

  4. ” YES! Less guilt, more self discipline, and you got a good combo for everyone to save the planet!”
    Love that, well said! Thanks for sharing, take good care.

  5. ” There is so much more waste with all the extra packaging, hand sanitizing/washing and all the medical supplies.”
    I know what you mean and I wonder if there’s a way to get around that…
    So sorry for Jesse’s grandmother, that is really heartbreaking. Balance IS hard to come by, we are living in times where people seem very polarized. It’s up to each one of us to find balance in our own lives and focus on the good. That kind of energy radiates and helps others:)
    Carole xx

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