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I look at the human life like an experiment.  Every new moment, every new experience, tragic or otherwise, is an opportunity to gain a more accurate perspective and helps lead me to clarity.               -Steve Gleason-

I remember the microscopes we used to use in high school science classes.  When looking at a tiny specimen, we would start with the smallest magnification, which was 40 times as big.  Then, with a flip of the rotating lenses, we would get to see it magnified 100 times, then 400 times!  And each time, it felt like I was looking at something completely different.  Do you remember how fascinating that was?

Personal and spiritual growth has felt like that to me.  When I’ve taken on goals to achieve fulfillment, I’ve discovered how deep I can go.  And that the focus, along with my perspective, changes as I grow.


My path started with seeing.  Literally watching myself in different relationships as I reacted in ways that would create pain and confusion.  Just as a microscope is equipped with a light, I was willing to shed some light on my darker side.  Seeing is the first step in effecting change.  It sounds like a simple process, but it’s not.  Our minds play tricks on us and justify a lot of bad behaviors.  And it’s often about making ourselves right and others wrong.  So the type of seeing that I’m talking about involves developing empathy for others.  Communication is essential, but it’s not always easy.  Being able to see my patterns clearly led to more understanding for myself and for others.  And smoother sailing!

self portrait


Flipping the lens to go deeper I saw that I needed to be on a path of creativity.  Drawing and painting were a type of therapy that helped me to express emotions that needed an outlet.  Buried feelings found their way to me on paper and canvas.  Art provided relief and understanding.  Which led to tenderness for myself. 

Going through that process led me to be conscious of my needs and to practice more self-care.  Our bodies are meant for moving and I needed exercise to achieve balance and a more positive outlook.  Hiking and biking fit the bill and allowed me to spend more time in nature, which is always a good thing! 



The next flip was about seeing my need for connection.  We can get quite comfortable going from day to day, tending to our various activities, without feeling like we’ve connected to others on a deeper level.  Perhaps this is because there are so many distractions to be had nowadays!  I know that social media can create a disconnect in the sense that people are not communicating face to face, but it can also connect us in other ways.  Starting this blog sprung from a need to share my concerns for the direction we humans are headed in, personally and collectively.

Connection is about opening up to others, even if it makes us feel scared and vulnerable.  But since I have been practicing connection, it feels like my heart is growing, kind of like what happened to the Grinch! 😉

 True to the scientific method, it helps to have a hypothesis about what we expect to find in any experiment.  If there is a next flip of the lens to be had, I have a hunch that what I will be seeing will be love.  It feels like all searches lead to it.  And not only in the microscopic realm, but in the telescopic one and everywhere in between!

beach selfie

Please share the experiences you have focused on in your life, your figurative “flips of the lenses”…

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