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Xmas candle

Don’t Throw Out those Christmas Candles!

I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things that we could use.   -Mother Teresa-

Being Mindful of Where Things Come From

We should treat even the smallest of objects with respect.  After all, that pencil came from a tree.  That plastic bottle or gadget was probably shipped halfway around the world, just so you could buy it.  And it was made with oil that brewed underground for millions of years.  Once that resource is used up, it can’t be replaced. 

Even something as common as a nail or a paperclip is so precious when you think of all the effort it took to produce it.  Rocks rich in metals have to be mined and crushed in order to extract the metal.  Then it needs to be melted, sometimes at over 2000 degrees Farenheit! 

If we realized how precious all our possessions were, we wouldn’t waste any little thing!  In that spirit, how would you like to use up your dryer lint and all those Christmas candles that refuse to light up?  I’ve been making these fire starters for years, they are genius!  They burn a long time so you can use them in your fireplace, for a campfire or for starting barbecue briquettes.

Save Your Dryer Lint and Your Old Candles

To make these fire starters, you need to keep the bottoms of cardboard egg cartons, some wax from used up candles and some dryer lint.  The candles need to be melted in a double boiler.  I found metal cookware in a thrift shop that I use solely for melting wax.  That way, I don’t have to thoroughly clean them after each use, which can be a hassle.

bottoms cartons
double boiler for melting wax

Start by melting the wax–which can take a while, depending on how much you have.  Wax is flammable so care needs to be taken for this step.  Place the candles in the top part of your double boiler and make sure that the container sits in or over boiling water.  Meanwhile, fill each section of the egg cartons with some dryer lint.

Pour the melted wax over each section.  The wax can leak through the bottoms of the cartons so make sure to protect the surface underneath.  You can even use the old wicks, they burn well too!

fire starter cubes

When the wax has hardened, you can store them.  Each carton makes a tray of twelve fire starters.  When you want to use them, just tear off one section at a time and light them up!  Give them as gifts so that others will get fired up about saving precious resources!

Happy New Year, may we come together in meaningful ways in 2020….

1 thought on “Don’t Throw Out those Christmas Candles!”

  1. I love this and had forgotten about it. ?thank you.
    Back during our scouting days we used these alot. ??
    And oh boy…wax does burn…i had lit up a romantic firepit with old burned down candles only to make a melting pot of raging fire! It was very scarey!! Needed to break out the fire extinguisher??
    But thanks for the great reminder on what I should have done instead!! ☺️Xo

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