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How Will You Be Doing Christmas This Year?

Globally, the 26 richest people in the world now have as much wealth as the poorest 3,8 billion people, and the relentless spewing of carbon emissions is pushing the planet toward catastrophic climate change.                                           -Marc Benioff-

Since Greta marched through our part of the world, I have been heartened.  We’re seeing more young people fighting for their survival.  Or at the very least, claiming their right to a brighter future. 

Black Friday

On Black Friday, many youths protested to make people aware of how our consumerism is destroying the planet.  They sat in streets blocking traffic and walked peacefully through large stores holding signs and interacting with customers.  They played dead on the ground, invoking scenarios of climate doomsday. 

Extinction Rebellion

    (See more here)

Watching news clips around these events, I noticed that many shoppers seemed quite indifferent to the protests happening around them.  They were just happy to get the deals that they came for.  I don’t think they understand the connection between their shopping habits and the Earth’s present plight.  Or maybe they get the connection, but they are choosing not to believe that the situation is dire.  Which is awfully handy, it allows us to continue our habit, to get our shopping fix.

In the U.S., Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.  And that is such a contradiction!  Can we truly be thankful for all our blessings one day, then participate in a shopping frenzy the next?  I love the idea of Buy Nothing Day instead.  Also, some companies are boycotting the trend—placing people and the planet over profit.  See that article here.  I know how practical it is to order presents from Amazon, but I’ve decided not to do that anymore.  All the cardboard they use for shipping uses up a lot of trees!  And Mr. Bezos doesn’t need my business, but local shops and artisans do.

Connecting With Others

How can we shift to a less harmful way of celebrating Christmas?  Could we downsize yet still retain the magic?  I think so.  I actually think that keeping things less commercial will amp up the magic.  By showing our love and appreciation to others more through our gestures and words than by our presents, we can make those connections that create wonderful memories and relationships. 

Can we share ideas around this?  What are the Christmas traditions that have made the holidays magical for you over the years?  What are some of the best and most thoughtful gifts that you’ve ever been given?  My all-time favorites have been:  a basket–woven for me by my uncrafty husband, a song written by my daughter and a trail in the woods made by my other daughter.  I treasure the handmade gifts that were sewn, knitted, crocheted, painted or cooked up just for me. 

And if handmade isn’t up your alley, think about giving experiences as gifts.    Tickets to a show, a gift card for a spa day, a workshop or a restaurant will support a local business.  And it’s something that you can experience alongside your loved ones, which amplifies the magic! 

Happy holidays, truly!

2 thoughts on “How Will You Be Doing Christmas This Year?”

  1. Hi Carole! Im loving this blog!! Youve helped me to access my Holiday behaviour! I do not participate in the Black Friday frenzy. And every year I feel I get better at not needing to be materialistic. I used to buy into all of that, and even enjoyed some of it, because I love to give gifts! However, now I feel Im moving into a more thoughtful phase. Most of my gifts this year are handmade….my stash of fabrics that I saved from the landfil has given me a great opportunity to be creative, and hopefully the gifts will be useful! My big gift to my family is theatre tickets to see a new show on Broadway. A night for us all to go out together and make memories. ❤️
    My latest idea tho, that Im really excited about is….any holiday decorating must be crafted from biodegradeable/compostable materials. Theres very little room in our ny apt to store anything so it almost all has to go after the holidays. And that also means, next year I get to be creative and make more! Also, a few years back, I made reusable, fabric drawstring bags to “wrap” gifts in. Trying to make up for all of the years I used gobs of paper and packaging. So Im truly enjoying the holidays, my favorite time of year, and I dont feel deprived of any of the joys. ☺️
    Quite the opposite!! And the cherry on top: attending a beautiful midnight church service with an amazing choir and music. I try to attend a different type of church each year. There are so many amazing ones!!
    May the joy of the holiday season bring new memories to you, and a warm and loving family gathering!
    Im so happy we’re related and that Ive gotten to know you better! You inspire me!! Thanks ?☺️ Xoxo
    Merry Christmas??

  2. Marvelous! Thanks for getting the discussion going! Biodegradable decorations, wonderful! I love that idea–here in the country, there’s no lack of materials to make those. And in the city where you are, there’s so much to offer in the way of experiences. Have a magical Christmas, so happy to be in touch with you ‘cuz, I send my love! ??

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