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butterfly in juliennes

Wherever you go, a garden will grow.     -Mooji-

This is such a lovely time of year, especially after a long winter.  And a cool rainy spring that didn’t give way until the calendar officially declared it was summer.  After 28 years, it might be our last summer here.  A couple approached us about buying the farm.  And Yvan, my husband, is ready to pass it on to these young folks who want to keep it organic.  Because I feel the transience, I’m stopping to notice and enjoy everything about our life here that I so love.  And it’s all outside—all about nature.

Being Present to Our Surroundings

Last night, it was the fireflies competing with lightning flashes in the distance.  Throughout the day, it’s about the birds:  watching them at the feeders, hearing the constant chirping, the precious eggshells we find on the ground, the drama when a hatchling falls out of a nest…

Oriental Poppies
Shasta in the Mint

The flower gardens are wonderful right now.  I love it when people come to visit them.  The butterflies and bees are enjoying them too.  Everything is lovely but what I like best are the peonies and the roses for their aromas.  I linger as I don’t normally do when I’m there to work, just enjoying the show.  We’re eating herbs and vegetables fresh from the land and it feels like such a privilege.  I’m taking it all in, and hoping I won’t miss it too much when we move away.

Veggie roll

Get Our Nature Fix Where We Can

On the flip side, I won’t miss all the weeding and the pest control.  I don’t like having to annihilate insects, but some of them can be very invasive!  Maybe I’ll get my nature fix by visiting other people’s gardens, invite me if you have one!  And some of the best plant displays can be seen walking in the woods.  I love the huge rocks covered in moss with ferns and other plants growing on them.  The shades of green and the variety of textures make stunning arrangements.

Happy summer to you!  I hope that you can be in nature where you are.  Enjoy, take in the beauty, there’s lots to be had right now… 

Peony bud

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