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Reverend Nature

Be inspired. Reconnect. Reflect.

Use your power for change.

The articles in this blog are meant to help us reflect on our relationships to each other, to nature and also on our attitudes around our consumerism.  If, as individuals, we become more aware and caring, this will translate to the world we live in.  It will foster a greater connection to others and more concern for where we are all headed, collectively.

I’d like to put out there that we personally have a responsibility in changing the paradigm, even though most of us are waiting for our leaders to bring it about. (Which they should be doing, of course.  But, alas.)  Wouldn’t it be a shame if future generations missed out on the beauty of this planet, of life?  Hopefully, it will not come to that, but we need to act, now.  We have so much power that we have not been using, I think that our time has come…

Recent Articles

buddha in garden


Surrender is not a weakness, it is strength.  It takes tremendous strength to surrender life to the supreme—to the cosmic unfolding.                     -Mooji- My main goal

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momentum bridge

Momentum Bridge

Can we use the momentum created by the pandemic as a bridge, one that will help us heal the damage done to the natural world?

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The Microscope

If there is a next flip of the lens to be had, I have a hunch that what I will be seeing will be love.

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Icy branches against sky

Here Are Your Riches

The ground we walk on, we build on, we play on, Motes of life harbored in rock, humus, also in you. The waters:  rain, snow,

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